2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cultural holidays in Egypt

16 07 2008

Egypt's Cairo, a popular day trip destination for holidaymakers residing in Sharm El Sheikh, is home to "cultural treasures", which are of interest to tourists, it has been claimed.

According to VOA News, from cultures to monuments and traditions, there is much of interest on a holiday to Egypt.

The news provider notes that Ancient Egypt has had an influence on the arts and architecture in Europe.

A popular attraction in Cairo is the Egyptian Museum, home to funeral objects of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

At this exhibition, holidaymakers can view the rich and elaborate objects with which the late ruler of Egypt was interred. One of the highlights of the burial exhibit is Tutankhamun's gold death mask.

For a glimpse into the religious side of life in Egypt, visit Old Cairo which shows the way of life before Islam took over in Egypt from Christianity.

Visit the Coptic religious centre - also known as the Hanging Church - a ninth century building with a significant Christian heritage.

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