2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cultural tourism 'can be marketed in Gambia'

29 01 2008

The director general of the Gambia Tourism Authority has made remarks on the difference between cultural tourism and eco-tourism at a three-day workshop which focused on updating the country's national cultural policy, it has been reported.

According to the Daily Observer in Banjul, Kaliba Senghore described cultural tourism as cultural aspects which interests and can be marketed to visitors, such as customs and traditions.

He described eco-tourism as natural areas that promote conservation.

"The keystone of cultural tourism revolves around the active participation of local communities in every stage; from the formulation of plans and ideas to the management of small scale projects on the ground," commented Mr Senghore.

He added that efforts are underway to promote tourism "vigorously" in foreign markets as well as an attempt to attract other types of holidaymakers with interests heritage, culture and ethnicity.

The Belfast Telegraph recently reported that while many holidaymakers travel to Ghana for beaches and sun it is also teaming with wildlife.

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