2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cyprus eyes continuous improvement

02 03 2007

Cyprus, already one of Europe's leading holiday destinations, will continue to implement changes to stay ahead of its competitors.

According to a report in the Financial Mirror, Panos Englezos, chairman of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), has established a seven-year strategy plan designed to retain Cyprus' reputation as a major player in the tourism business.

The plan is to boost visitor numbers, increase the popularity of Cyprus during the winter months and establish improved facilities for sport and cultural tourism.

"Culture and the environment are the main target areas of our plan, in addition to providing good services at reasonable and competitive prices throughout the year," he said, noting that seasonal tourism is something the CTO has to promote to help meet competitive markets that also offer cheap fares and availability of seats," he told the Cyprus News Agency.

According to the Financial Mirror, Mr Englezos has acknowledged that the clear blue skies and glorious climate are likely to remain Cyprus' biggest attraction. Despite this, he is keen to introduce visitors to some of the island's lesser known delights, to widen the appeal.

Work is currently continuing on bicycle paths in the Troodos Mountains and officials are also establishing wine tours and routes based around key religious stories.

According to tourism officials, Cyprus "effortless marries European culture with ancient enchantment", a feat that makes it a perennial favourite with British holidaymakers.

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