2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cyprus holidays 'help beat the credit crunch'

05 12 2008

Cyprus is one of the best holiday destinations for UK tourists who do not want to break the bank, according to one travel company.

After consulting with experts, Travelsphere has compiled a list of the best credit crunch-beating destinations which rates Cyprus as one of the best.

With the euro riding high against the pound, the company recommends taking European breaks outside the euro zone and taking advantage of weaker currencies like the Turkish lira used in northern Cyprus.

The north of the island is an area of unspoilt natural beauty which is great for walking tours but also features sandy Mediterranean beaches for those who prefer to relax completely.

Caroline Jack, head of media and PR at Travelsphere said: "UK holidaymakers still have a wide choice of affordable options available to them in 2009.

"Travelling beyond the euro-zone […] and taking advantage of weakening currencies are a few suggestions."

Last month Post Office Travel announced that the Turkish lira had dropped by 22 per cent against the pound since August, meaning tourists on holidays to Cyprus could save on day to day costs.

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