2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cyprus prepares for influx of tourists

13 12 2006

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, will soon be equipped to receive many more sun-seekers, when its new airports are revamped and expanded.

The €645 million project will see new terminal buildings and runway extensions and Larnaca and Paphos, according to the country's Financial Mirror. Hermes Airports, the company responsible for carrying out the building work, remains confident that everything is going to plan.

Bob Manning, chief executive of the company, told the newspaper that Larnaca, which should be completed by 2009, "will be a world-class airport" and that it will eventually be "spectacular".

The airport in Paphos will benefit from a new passenger terminal that can accommodate 2.7 million travellers, which promises to offer enormous benefits to British tourists in the years ahead.

A separate report in the Financial Mirror has indicated that tourism arrivals actually fell in 2006, but that tourism revenue still grew as more visitors found reasons to splash the cash.

For most of the year, Cyprus basks in glorious sunshine, but a little rain and snow can be expected during the winter months.

Beach lovers are spoiled for choice, with the 648-kilometre stretch of coastline offering such delights as Pomos beach, Yiannakis beach and Lady's Mile beach.

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