2008 News Archive - Holidays - Dominican Republic 'on the up'

27 02 2007

Money is currently pouring into the Dominican Republic as businesses and tourists alike enjoy its blossoming reputation.

Slim Helu, global chief executive of telecom operator Claro, met with President Leonel Fernandez last week and praised the current state of affairs in the Dominican Republic.

He began by stressing that foreign companies are becoming increasingly interested in opportunities to invest in the Hispaniola-based nation.

"I believe the tourism potential and development that the country has had is very large, investments in infrastructure are significant and in it we see telecommunications, which is where we have made a large investment and where the investment potential is also significant," he said.

The Ministry of Tourism boasts that, for Dominicans, summer is the only season, and the favourable climate is certainly one of the biggest attractions for those choosing this particular destination.

Average annual temperatures fluctuate between 18 and 27 degrees centigrade, so sunbathing is something of a year-long pastime.

Thankfully, the Dominican Republic boasts numerous spectacular beaches for this very purpose and visitors are advised to explore at least a few of these during their stay.

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