2008 News Archive - Holidays - Donkey racing in Croatia

06 07 2007

The crowds, the excitement, the mules ... it can only be one thing. Donkey racing in Croatia.

Every year the small Croatian town of Sali on Dugi Otok island explodes into activity in vibrant style over four days of fun and festivities for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Having taken place for almost half a century the event has established itself as a definite highlight on Croatia's cultural calendar, packed with fun and madness, music and more.

A key feature of the festival is the annual donkey race held on the Sunday, where a line up of mule-riding competitors take to the streets and go head to head for glory. Visitors can expect a vibrant, playful atmosphere throughout where you can cheer for your donkey of choice.

A true buffet of Croatian culture the festival also features authentic local cuisine for hungry revellers to sample, live music and all manner of sporting events such as scooter races and a tug of war.

Before, during and after the festival visitors can take time out to explore Sali, surrounded by waterways and including two bays.

The festival takes place in Dugi Otok from August 9th to 12th and is free to attend.

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