2008 News Archive - Holidays - Dubai holidays 'no longer as expensive'

28 07 2008

Jetting off to Dubai is now an affordable option for many holidaymakers as the country's cost of living continues to fall.

According to an annual study conducted by international consulting firm Mercer, Dubai is "no longer as expensive" as it once was, especially as the city remains largely unaffected by the global rise in petrol costs. In addition, the UAE dirham being linked to the US dollar has meant that holiday spending money goes that much further.

Yvonne Traber, a principal and research manager at Mercer, commented: "Current market conditions have led to the further weakening of the US dollar which, coupled with the strengthening of the euro and many other currencies, has caused significant changes in this year's rankings."

Local authorities are keen for the region to develop into a popular destination for those looking to take holidays overseas, with plans to upgrade the Dubai International Airport and develop a £2 million metro system to help tourists gain easier access to the wealth of attractions on offer to visitors.

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