2008 News Archive - Holidays - Dubai Summer Surprises offers bargains

01 05 2007

The Dubai Summer Surprises shopping festival is about as close that a dedicated shopper will come to paradise.

All of the country's glitzy malls join together during the festival to offer some major cost-saving on some of the top brands in the world.

Designed to encourage visitors to make shopping jaunts to Dubai, the festival often receives over seven million eager shoppers.

And for those who aren't as enthusiastic about retail therapy, the festival puts on a myriad of distracting shows like competitions, wildlife displays and more.

Running from June to September, this festival of shopping is divided into different themes, like Food Surprises, Ice Surprises, Arts Surprises, Nature Surprises and Adventure Surprises.

And the country's hotels and suites cooperate by offering discounted packages for tourists who fly in specifically for the event.

Dubai boasts searing summer heat, beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue water.

The emirate also has a myriad of restaurants, hotels and bars that tired shoppers can rest and recuperate in.

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