2008 News Archive - Holidays - Dubai tourism growth will "take a bit of beating"

24 07 2008

Officials in Dubai are confident of the region's tourist appeal, anticipating that it will continue to last.

According to FT.com, the development of the new 22-floor Atlantis Dubai hotel complex - which boasts an aquatic theme - will help "transform" Dubai's aims in terms of attracting tourism.

It notes that the resort's on site water park is one of a series of impending theme parks which the Dubai government anticipates will give the emirate an entertainment appeal akin to that seen in Florida.

"It's the weather, hotels, good operators, all combined with great marketing. It's the combination of these things that take a bit of beating," Sol Kerzner, chief executive of Kerzner International, commented.

The publication claimed that Britons "seem to love Dubai" with one million visitors travelling to the emirate from the UK last year.

Recently, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing announced its target for 1.5 million visitors by 2015.

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