2008 News Archive - Holidays - East Africa to become 'single tourist destination'

04 11 2008

Five east African countries announced that they would sign a landmark agreement to cooperate on tourism today.

The agreement states that Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda will market themselves as a single tourist destination, which could be great news for British tourists travelling to Kenya.

Movement between the five countries will become easier as a single tourist visa is introduced and tourists will also benefit from the rigorous standards that will be imposed on travel operators in the region.

Visitors to Kenya and the vast Maasai Mara reserve could soon find their safaris being extended to take in reserves in neighbouring countries.

While tourism in Kenya suffered following the political turmoil earlier this year, the head of the Kenya tourist board recently told the Sunday Nation that he expected the country's enduring popularity as a winter destination would help improve the situation.

Achieng' Ongong'a said: "Although this year will not be good for us in terms of revenue and arrivals, we expect to get an improvement from the onset of winter."

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