2008 News Archive - Holidays - Eco-friendly Brits 'can do their bit on hols'

18 04 2008

Carbon-conscious Britons have been assured that taking a break in the sunshine or to a cosmopolitan city on the continent does not mean they have to compromise on their eco-values.

Tips range from renting cars with lower emissions to switching appliances off when not in use to exploring the region you are travelling to on foot, according to Carbon Footprint.

Carbon Footprint is a company set up to provide practical advice to people and companies wanting to help preserve the environment.

John Buckley, company founder, said: "If you can get around on a bike then certainly do that, or walk. Look at areas where you can get around on foot. Going to cities isn't too bad for that - if you can ... [use] the train ... then walk around or use the public transport system there."

He added that people should aim for the most efficient way of travelling to their destination in terms of carbon emissions - for example travel to France by train rather than air.

Buying local food once abroad as well as avoiding overuse of the air conditioning and switching unwatched televisions off are also words of advice.

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