2008 News Archive - Holidays - Egypt reveals 'top 100 reasons to visit'

30 03 2007

The Egyptian Tourist Authority has released the top 100 reasons to visit the north African country.

Designed to encourage more visitors to spend their holiday in the land of sun and sphinxes, the list is to be followed later this year by a series of guides on things to do and see.

Egyptian Tourism Authority chairman Ahmed El Khadem: "Egypt is renowned as the world’s largest outdoor museum, but we also boast pristine coral reefs and marine life, as well as international leisure facilities and entertainment, from lively bars to operatic performances.

"The list is designed to provide a glimpse of the wealth of activities and attractions, both ancient and modern."

Aspects of the country that visitors might otherwise miss will be highlighted in the guides.

Curious visitors can also access a gamut of information on the ancient country from the www.egypt.travel website, which involves interactive segments.

Egypt is the site of the historic pyramids of Giza.

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