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24 07 2007

Arabic folklore and traditions will be rife this August in Egypt, as visitors get a taste for the exotic.

Holidaymakers to the country will be able to experience a folkloric arts festival in Ismailia - reports Whatsonwhen - indulging in cultures from three continents.

The folklore festival showcases tribal singing and dancing from around the world and is on from August 24th to 31st.

August also sees the start of Ramadan celebrations in the area. A street festival will be held in Luxor to mark the religious event and celebrate Sheikh Yussef Abu el-Haggag, Whatsonwhen notes.

The Islamic festival will comprise of music, dancing, horse racing and stick fighting as well as a boat parade around the city streets, promising to provide a lively and unique spectacle.

Brits are venturing further away from home for their summer holidays, with Egypt named as one of the top new destinations to visit this summer, alongside other hot climates such as Mexico and the Caribbean.

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