2008 News Archive - Holidays - Egyptian oasis is "perfect winter sun destination"

24 11 2008

A leading UK travel writer has described an oasis in Egypt as "my perfect winter sun destination" because of its combination of "history, mystery and romance".

Writing in the Guardian, Nick Maes said that the Siwa oasis, "an immense, shimmering salt lake" in the middle of the Saharan desert, is the perfect place to lap up some ancient history while enjoying the sun and sand.

Mr Maes praises the town's commitment to eco-tourism, which sees the Egyptian body Environmental Quality International investing in local organic produce and working to preserve and promote the traditions of the ancient Siwan culture.

Visitors to Siwa can enjoy a dip in spring-fed Roman baths that have survived since the days of the emperors and visit the temple where Alexander the Great consulted an oracle.

Egypt, especially the Red Sea coast, has long been a popular destination for those who want to soak up some winter sun.

But for UK tourists who would like their winter sun far from the maddening crowds, Siwa could be the perfect place to visit.

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