2008 News Archive - Holidays - EHIC warning for Brits

08 08 2008

Many travellers to European Union countries are neglecting to ensure they have adequate health insurance when taking their overseas holidays.

Research from American Express Insurance Services has revealed that many British holidaymakers are not properly covered because they believe that the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is the same as travel insurance.

However, while the EIHC does help UK travellers gain access to reduced or free healthcare when abroad, it does not cover other problems that Brits may face on their holidays - meaning 2.3 Brits make have taken holidays abroad over the past year and relied solely on the EHICs.

Chris Rolland, head of American Express, explained: "They are not a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance so you will not be covered for delays, loss of baggage or cancellations or experience other benefits of having an independent travel insurance policy."

He added that people should always take out an appropriate travel insurance policy before jetting off in order to ensure they do not face "any unwanted financial difficulties" during their break.

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