2008 News Archive - Holidays - Embrace your pride in Cape Town

15 05 2007

Cape Town is widely considered to be the most beautiful city in South Africa, if not the entire continent. And during Cape Town Pride, it truly blooms.

Taking place in March, Cape Town Pride is one of the most widely anticipated events in Cape Town's calendar.

The event plays host to the "Mother of all Parades", a colourful, loud, spectacle which will enchant and intrigue visitors.

Garish floats, with thousands of people flocking alongside them, make their way up and down the city's streets.

And the after-parties are almost as good as the parade itself, featuring some of the country's top DJs and competitions galore.

Visitors should also be sure not to miss the cocktail parties, fashion shows, sports events and art exhibitions that take place all over this vibrant city during Cape Town Pride.

And if it all gets a bit much, visitors can get away from it all by taking the cableway to the top of the city's famous Table Mountain.

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