2008 News Archive - Holidays - Enjoy the 'magic of Majorca'

04 11 2008

Majorca is a perfect location for anyone wanting to escape the dreary British weather, it has been claimed.

Liam Chronnell of the Bolton Evening News recently headed of the city of Palma and described the destination as "beautiful".

A major tourist attraction since the 1950s, the island of Majorca has undergone a surge in popularity as a holiday destination recently with its mix of Roman, Arab and Catalan influences.

Mr Chronnell complemented the place on its interesting history and beautiful architecture.

"Walking is, understandably given the spectacular scenery, a popular pastime for many of the hotel guests, though after a few days even the thought of this can become too much of a chore," he said.

Among the top tourist attractions in Palma is the 500-year-old Gothic cathedral and the Almudaina Palace.

With more than 300 days of glorious sunshine a year, visitors will no doubt want to head down to one of the many beaches for some sunbathing and a relaxing swim.

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