2008 News Archive - Holidays - Escaping the winter chill

09 01 2007

Dark mornings, the perennial threat of catching a cold and the guarantee of windy and rainy conditions are driving millions of Brits overseas in search of sunnier conditions.

The big getaway began in December and accelerated in the approach to Christmas. Manchester Airport predicted that 150,000 passengers would use its facilities in the final three days before Christmas, heading primarily to the likes of Tenerife and Spain.

And with the experts agreeing that the most depressing day of the year lies somewhere towards the end of January, holiday bookings are hotting up again, as Brits look for a little rest and relaxation at some of the world's most beautiful destinations.

A report in the Belfast Telegraph has advised prospective holidaymakers that they will find most sun on the south coat of Spain, in the Balearics and throughout Portugal. Cyprus is also cited as a good bet for some sun, although fairly heavy rainfall is also quite common at this time of year.

Florida is also mentioned in the Belfast Telegraph, largely because accommodation and car hire is traditionally very cheap at this time of year. Despite this, maximum temperatures in February and March can reach as high as 24 or 25 degrees centigrade, which many prefer to the temperatures seen in July and August.

A number of airlines are also tempting holidaymakers with some outstanding flight offers to some of Europe's most desirable locations. easyJet today confirmed that it will begin flying 30 new routes this year, including a key offering from Gatwick to Pisa from April 3rd. The low-cost airline will also be flying from Newcastle to Menorca from July 14th.

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