2008 News Archive - Holidays - Experience the life aquatic at the Miami Seaquarium

23 05 2007

If you've been curious as to what life is like beneath the waves, then the Miami Seaquarium is definitely the place to find out.

Thousands of forms of sea life can be seen at the Seaquarium, which is generally regarded as one of the finest in the country.

Everything from dolphins, sea lions, killer whales and even alligators are on show at the Seaquarium.

And one of the most popular displays is that of the manatee, the highly endangered "sea cows", known for their placid, curious nature and gentleness.

Mainly due to collisions with powerboat propellers, from which they inevitably come off worse, the numbers of manatees in Florida is rapidly dwindling.

Currently the population of manatees in Florida stands at about 2,500 and in 2006 at least 100 manatees in Florida were killed as a result of human behaviour.

Soon the only opportunity to see these majestic creatures may be in environments like the Seaquarium.

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