2008 News Archive - Holidays - Explore caves in Tenerife

30 06 2008

Tenerife may perhaps be best known by British holidaymakers for its beautiful beaches and excellent amenities, but there is also something special happening beneath the surface.

Families will soon be able to add a trip underground to their Tenerife holidays, with the opening of a cave network due to take place shortly.

Located in Icod de los Vinos, the Cueva del Viento are a maze of passages that have formed between the layers of volcanic rock, according to losgigantes.com.

Streching for 18 kilometres, the spaces are home to many rare species of insects and have been the site for many archaeological discoveries.

Indeed, scientists are still working away at discovering the many mysteries of the Cueva.

And if that is not enough natural wonder for one day, Icod de los Vinos has more in store.

The northern town also boasts the oldest dragon tree in the world.

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