2008 News Archive - Holidays - Explore underwater worlds in Mexico

07 03 2007

The plentiful beaches and shore resorts of Mexico don't mark the end of this country's travel delights - for many they are just the beginning.

Clear warm waters of the country's coastline are ideal for trying snorkelling and full tank diving, with many underwater reefs and caves stretching for miles.

Two divers recently discovered that a pair of cave networks were actually connected, with passageways joining the two locations in the Yucatan peninsula.

The intrepid explorers believe the flooded passages that connect the sets of caves incredibly extend for more than 95 miles.

"That's the important thing for people to understand … The point is that they're so interconnected," diver Steve Bogaerts told the Seattle Times.

As well as wondrous cave networks for expert divers, less experienced underwater adventurers can explore the Meso-American Barrier Reef, the world's second largest coral reef that is teeming with stunning wildlife.

With coasts facing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Mexico is perfectly placed for taking some time out enjoying its beautiful coastlines, and with hundreds of miles of beaches there is plenty of scope for both adventurous and more relaxed holidays.

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