2008 News Archive - Holidays - Families offered 'top travel tips'

02 10 2008

Travelling with children is never easy, but to help take the pressure off, the Rough Guide group has compiled a series of top family travel tips.

Families are advised to book the best accommodation they can afford, since those with children usually spend a majority of their time "at base" and relaxing by the pool.

When it comes to holiday clothes, opting for lightweight fabrics that are easy to wash and dry is essential.

According to the Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children, bulky items such as teddy bears should be left at home and families may keeping the weight of suitcases down is also recommended.

"Do what you most want to first - with children, the best laid plans can go to pot. This way, if it doesn't work out at the first try, you'll always have a second shot," the guide stated.

Meanwhile, a recent study by Saga suggested that an increasing number of Britons are now opting to holiday with their extended families in a bid to cut travel and accommodation costs.

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