2008 News Archive - Holidays - Feast of the Sensa - a feast for the senses

19 04 2007

In Venice, May 20th marks the Feast of the Sensa (Ascension), a tradition dating back over one thousand years.

The celebration traditionally marks the occasion when the head of the city – the Doge - would renew Venice's symbolic marriage to the sea by tossing a ring into the waters of the lagoon.

Today, the Doge, travelling in his state vessel, is joined by thousands of boats decorated lavishly in all the colours of the spectrum.

Traditionally the feast is a raucous, joyful holiday which lies at the heart of Venice's identity.

Tourists to what is perhaps the most beautiful of the Italian cities will not want to miss this colourful and exciting spectacle.

Nicknamed the Queen of the Adriatic and City of Water, Venice is famed for its canals and gondoliers.

A visit to the city is a must for any young couple and if it is during the Feast of the Sensa, even better.

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