2008 News Archive - Holidays - Fes is growing in popularity, says expert

23 12 2008

A travel expert has said that the city of Fes, in Morocco, is "growing in popularity" and has predicted that it is likely to become more popular among UK tourists in the future.
Sharron Livingston, editor of thetravelmagazine.net, said that Fes, as Morocco’s cultural, religious and culinary capital, has a lot to offer tourists.
She added: "This ancient city has three distinct regions. In its walled ten thousand alleyways are swarming with bustling life and market trading.
"This is the old town and has been classified as a Unesco [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation] World Heritage Site."
Ms Livingston said that any increase in the numbers of tourists is likely to improve the range of services available to them.
Recently, the Telegraph reported that the high euro exchange rate means that many savvy tourists are heading for North African countries like Morocco, where their pounds buy more local currency.

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