2008 News Archive - Holidays - Film festival highlights Dubai's appeal

11 12 2006

Legends from the world of cinematography are this week sharing tales in Dubai as the City of Gold hosts its third annual International Film Festival.

Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing claims that the emirate offers "a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors" and that it is "built for tourism" throughout the year.

With its sensational beaches, flashy residential districts, quaint old houses and imposing mountains, it is difficult to argue with this assessment and tourists have been flocking to Dubai for these very reasons for several years. Dubai even boasts a collection of man-made islands shaped into the continents of the world, further enhancing the impression that anything is possible in this affluent part of the world.

Dubai has emerged as a favourite haunt of the rich and famous in the last decade and the International Film Festival will ensure that star-spotters are not left frustrated this week. Richard Gere is set to take part in a panel discussion with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone, while Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives will attend in the company of girlfriend Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud.

Shivani Pandya, managing director of the festival, said: "Our goal is for industry figures from Bollywood, Hollywood and the Arab world to convene, engendering interesting co-productions and promising new creative partnerships."

Those attending the film festival this year have also been advised to look out for some of the less commercial films, including The Colour of Olives and Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon.

Dubai enjoys a sub-tropical climate with rainfall amounting to just 13 centimetres a year. Temperatures range from a low of ten degrees Celsius to a staggering 48 degrees Celsius so visitors in the summer can expect sweltering heat.

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