2008 News Archive - Holidays - Fish 'fascinate' families on holidays in the Maldives

28 02 2008

Exotic fish in coral reefs provide an excellent distraction for computer game-loving children on holidays in the Maldives, it has been suggested.

The Telegraph notes that on the island of Kurumba, described as "one of the original Maldive resorts", there is a house reef that contains a "spectacular" selection of tropical fish.

Among these are angelfish, clownfish, dories, jewel groupers, lionfish, Moorish idols and parrotfish, all of which help to keep children entertained.

"Snorkelling on the reef has been accompanied by almost constant shrieks of discovery from Child B and Child C," the publication reports.

Scuba diving is also reported to be a popular pastime with children on family holidays in the Maldives, with a treasure of dolphins and turtles to be discovered in the sapphire waters.

The Maldives are located south-west of Sri Lanka and the archipelago's economy is largely reliant on tourism and fishing.

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