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14 02 2007

With its world-famous white beaches, glimmering blue waters and multi-coloured theme parks, green is perhaps not the colour that most people associate with Florida.

For those holidaying in March, however, green will be the colour of choice, as VisitFlorida draws attention to a few of the state's underappreciated attractions.

At the University of West Florida Main Campus, for instance, March 30th will herald the opening of the annual Festival on the green. Arts, crafts, sports, music, food shows and theatrical performances will all be on offer, as Florida shows it is more than a one trick pony.

Springtime Tallahassee is also worth a visit, as locals celebrate "the charm and cosiness of this southern city". Similarly enchanting is the International Garden and Flower Show, which begins on March 17th at Green Cove Springs.

Golf lovers may well be attracted to greenery of a different kind with the Arnold Palmer Invitational held between March 12th and March 18th. The 18th hole at the Bay Hill Club & Lodge is considered by many to be the most challenging hole on the PGA Tour.

For yet another manifestation of the colour green, a trip to Naples on St Patrick's Day will introduce you to a sensational parade. If you enjoy Irish music, dancing or dining, Naples is the place to be.

Butterfly World at Coconut Creek is another of the state's majestic attractions yet it is often overlooked as visitors enjoy the numerous theme parks and beaches. Butterfly World allows you to observe exotic butterflies from around the world in a rain forest paradise - an experience that will inevitably delight the whole family.

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