2008 News Archive - Holidays - Florida celebrates pirate past

04 12 2008

Key West in Florida is celebrating its scurrilous past as a base for the scourges of the seven seas with the annual Pirates in Paradise festival.

The festival, which will be making landfall in Florida this month, invites tourists to "raise yer flag, grab yer mate and join us in celebrating the golden age of sail and seafaring adventure".

Described as a "weekend of mischief and merrymaking that features a host of swashbuckling events for buccaneers and wenches of all ages", the pirates in paradise festival could be the perfect place for UK families to enjoy a week of winter sun together.

With daily tall ship battles, sea shanties and the walk the plank championships, the events offer something for children of all ages, while parents may find the pull of the pirate pub stroll irresistible.

The islands of Key West had a history of being used as bases for buried treasure and the like by the dastardly pirate captain known as Black Caesar.

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