2008 News Archive - Holidays - Florida holidays 'on the increase'

08 09 2008

British holidaymakers are heading to America in their droves, in a bid to make the most of the weak dollar.

Julian Neal, global marketing director for Travelex retail, said that more and more Brits were travelling to US destinations such as Florida.

Recent research carried out by the firm revealed that demand for US dollars has increased by 23 per cent in the last year.

"We are not necessarily seeing any signs showing that people are less likely to go to the eurozone but we are seeing people saying they are more likely to go to America.

"We have also noticed increases in currencies where they are particularly favourable, like the Turkish Lira and South African Rand," Mr Neal explained.

Brits are said to be turning away from traditional eurozone destinations, after a recent statement by the Post Office revealed that the pound has dropped 17 per cent against the euro in the last year.

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