2008 News Archive - Holidays - Florida holidays 'still popular'

27 11 2008

Two popular Florida holiday hotspots have made the list of the UK's top ten long-haul destinations, according to a survey published recently.

The survey, conducted by ebookers.com, shows that Miami and Orlando, which are renowned for their beaches and theme parks, are two of the UK's favourite destinations.

Overall the study showed that the US is still the most popular long-haul destination and that UK tourists could still bag bargains despite the fall of the pound against the dollar.

Claire Howard-Jones, head of marketing for ebookers.com, said: "Smart holiday bookers can actually take advantage of the current financial crisis as there are some fantastic deals to the US, […] if you know where to look."

Yesterday a survey conducted by the Telegraph revealed that the oncoming recession would not stop most Brits from going on holiday to their favourite places.

According to the newspaper 92 per cent of UK tourists would not consider changing their destination because of the credit crunch.

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