2008 News Archive - Holidays - Florida popular holiday hot-spot

09 03 2007

The number of tourists visiting sun-drenched Florida is expected to continue to grow sharply, a new survey has said.

And with the Inside Track Group also reporting strong interest in new property developments, there are a growing number of accommodation choices for all tourists.

Florida is traditionally a popular location for a vast range of reasons, including the presence of several theme parks, beautiful stretching beaches and the perfect weather for watersports throughout much of the year.

"Florida as a whole is seeing rapid growth in tourism and inward migration and its population is expected soar from 17.5 million today to 29 million by 2030," said Pierre Williams from the Inside Track Group.

"Increasing numbers of wealthy US retirees are choosing to move to Florida and the state has one of the fastest growing economies in the US," he added.

When visiting Florida the choice of location is wide, with everything from thriving beach resorts popular with young people and students to secluded beach huts far away from the hustle and bustle on offer.

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