2008 News Archive - Holidays - Florida set for Super Bowl boost

30 01 2007

As excitement builds in advance of Super Bowl XLI in Florida, tourism officials are hoping the event will have a positive long-term impact.

Major sporting events almost invariably have a positive impact on tourism, as demonstrated in the summer of 2006 when Germany's reputation was enhanced by the FIFA World Cup.

The media attention alone was enough to convince thousands of undecided holidaymakers to visit the country and many are confident that the Super Bowl will have the same effect on Florida.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Florida will attract 125,000 visitors to the Super Bowl, many of whom will have never been there before. Hundreds of millions of people will also watch the game on television, providing Florida with yet more media focus.

The Super Bowl boost will certainly be welcome, as Florida struggled in 2006 to match previous levels of interest from overseas holidaymakers.

With Walt Disney World Resort, Wet 'n' Wild, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Sea World, however, it seems highly unlikely that Florida's reputation as a holiday hotspot will have endured any lasting damage.

The Sunshine State enjoys an outstanding climate and its beaches are regularly listed among the very best in America, making it a firm favourite with sun-worshippers and watersports enthusiasts in particular.

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