2008 News Archive - Holidays - Foodies advised to head to Spain

06 06 2008

Food-loving tourists have been advised that Spain is one of the top destinations for culinary tourism.

The Association of British Travel Agents recommended Spain to those who like to sample local food while on holiday.

Frances Tuke, spokeswoman for the association, cited London's Taste of Spain festival as proof of the reputation of the nation's dishes.

She added: "Spain has really been aiming to promote a gourmet experience there. It's been incredibly successful and has really captured people's imaginations."

Ms Tuke recommended that those holidaymakers wanting to taste the best that a country has to offer ought to invest in a guide book as a starting point.

The comments follow research from World Travel Market which found that 53 per cent of people rate eating traditional dishes as 'very important' or 'important' to their holiday experience.

Almost nine out of ten admitted they enjoy local food while abroad.

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