2008 News Archive - Holidays - France and Spain top for holiday homes

15 12 2006

Traditional holiday home buyers from the UK continue to choose properties in France and Spain, a new report has shown.

HIFX, the currency specialist, has found that France and Spain accounted for 55 per cent of all currency transactions for buying property abroad in November, indicating that the two countries are still firm favourites.

The key, it seems, is that Brits are much more comfortable with these destinations than others in Europe, as many have enjoyed numerous holidays in both countries over the years.

There is little doubt that Spain boasts some of the world's most popular beach resorts and the Costa del Sol, Costa Brava and Costa Blanca remain huge attractions for those holidaying and buying properties alike.

Golf is another key reason for Spain's overwhelming popularity and the New York Times has reported that 200 championship-level courses have been built in the country since 1990.

According to the HIFX report, traditional holiday home buyers tend to buy with a view to retiring abroad in the future and they choose destinations that can be accessed with cheap flights.

There are other buyer categories, however, including the English adventurers, who do not mind travelling long distances, and hotspot investors who seek capital growth.

But because Spain remains Europe's most popular country for package holidays, it seems highly unlikely that Spain will lose its crown as the favoured destination among British buyers.

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