2008 News Archive - Holidays - Future looks "rosy" for travel agents

16 10 2008

The future is looking 'rosy' for travel agents, with an increasing number of Britons opting to book their holidays through an agent rather than organise trips independently.

Ian Bradley, a spokesman for the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said that holidaymakers were beginning to see the benefits of booking with a trusted agent.

"People are saying: 'I don't have the time to surf the net all day long, looking at what all the deals and offers are like, but what I will do is pop into the travel agents and get everything sorted out for me'," he explained.

Mr Bradley added that holidaymakers were also keen to book with travel agents due to the level of financial protection offered by them.

A study published by Association of British Travel Agents revealed that despite the current economic situation, almost half of Britons plan to holiday as usual.

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