2008 News Archive - Holidays - Gambia is a 'Winter Wonder'

10 11 2008

Gambia has earned a place as one of the world's top 15 winter sun destinations, according to a leading travel writer.

Gill Williams, travel editor of the Daily Mirror, has rated Gambia as one of his "Winter Wonders", a list of his favourite places to soak up the winter sun and forget about the chills of a UK Christmas.

Ms Williams recommended Gambia not only for its sun and beaches but for the relatively low cost of holidaying there, a factor which could become increasingly important as the credit crunch bites.

She wrote: "Hot winds from the Sahara keep the Gambia toasty through the darkest days of winter and prices are credit-crunchworthy this season."

Other travel writers have also been praising Gambia as a winter holiday destination recently, with Jacqui Thake writing in the Mirror that Gambia is "brilliant for a break from the gloom of winter back home".

According to Lonely Planet travel guides, the best time of year to visit Gambia is between November and February.

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