2008 News Archive - Holidays - Gambia's tourist season hots up

28 03 2007

Though Kenya and South Africa may dominate Africa's tourism industry, Gambia is rapidly becoming a third popular choice.

The smallest country on the African mainland offers everything that frozen Europeans could ask for, including beaches, sun and most importantly friendly people.

Alibaba Pizza, the owner of Alibaba Restaurant at Senegambia, recently told the Daily Observer that he is more than satisfied with the amount of tourists the west African country has seen so far this season.

"Many tourists confirmed that The Gambia is a peaceful country and they would always wish to come back to The Gambia. Some even pledge to encourage more of their counterparts to visit the country," he said.

Gambia's west coast has a broad selection of idyllic lodges and small hotels, especially near the town of Serrekunda.

While Gambia is less that 48 kilometres wide, with a total area of only 11,300 square kilometres, it is starting to punch far above its weight in the global tourism industry.

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