2008 News Archive - Holidays - Go crazy for Carthage

12 11 2007

Those interested in adding something more to a holiday in sunny Tunisia can take in an elephantine amount of history by visiting the ruins of Carthage, the proud capital of the Phoenicians of whose behalf Hannibal fought the Roman Empire.

While the elephant riding general fought but ultimately failed to defeat his rivals across the Mediterranean, the Roman launched a counter-attack on the city, ultimately destroying it.

However, having beaten the Phoenician empire the Romans rebuilt the city in the classic style and the remains of its many civic buildings, bathhouses and pillars can be seen today.

The best news for visitors is that the ruins of Carthage lie on the coast at the northern end of Tunisia, enabling those looking to enjoy some time on the beach to top up their tan and enjoy the warm water while also seeing the famous ruins of a great city.

Unfortunately, there may not be any elephants.

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