2008 News Archive - Holidays - Go diving in the Red Sea

26 06 2007

Sharm El Sheikh is mostly known for its long sunny beaches and bustling nightlife, but it is also famous for the lovely blue waters of the Red Sea.

And the best way to see this beautiful body of water is from below, with an air canister strapped to your back.

Because of the isolated reefs around the area and a lack of heavy fishing activity, the Red Sea is one of most idyllic spots to go diving in the world.

As well as the graceful coral growing everywhere, divers will see a startling range of undersea life, including bumbling sea turtles, playful dolphins and dour hammerhead sharks.

There are also a number of old wrecks that adventurous divers can explore, from ancient hulks to more modern kinds of shipping.

Another advantage of diving in the Red Sea is the temperature of the water, which is always a lovely lukewarm, negating the need for cumbersome diving suits.

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