2008 News Archive - Holidays - Go to Mexico and jump for joy

09 10 2007

If holidaymakers visiting Mexico later this year are looking for a rare and spectacular treat, they are heading to the right place.

In Acapulco, an unusual event takes place that would likely be deemed dangerous and illegal in other parts of the world.

Whatsonwhen reports that on December 11th Mexicans quite literally jump for joy to celebrate the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Dare-devil jumpers dive off La Quebrada cliffs into the sea after partaking in a mass the evening before the festival.

If the event does not sound extreme enough already, these brazen folk light the sea with gasoline leaving just a small ring that divers must aim for or risk being singed by the flames.

The opportunity to see this dangerous stunt should be grasped and what's more, it will provide some great picture-perfect moments to add to the family album!

While in the country, travellers may want to taste some traditional Mexican grub or get into the party spirit and sample some tequila.

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