2008 News Archive - Holidays - Go wilder with the beest

30 05 2007

Although David Attenborough's dulcet tones have no doubt caused us many happy hours of watching the majestic wildebeest roll their way through the African plains, many would yearn for the chance to do it themselves.

If you have ever fancied the opportunity to spend your holidays watching the ancient and primal struggle between the migrating hordes of animals and their sharp-of-tooth predators, you can catch the drama unfold in Kenya.

The season, which runs until October 31st, can be enjoyed at the Masai Mara Game Park, where on of the world's most unspoiled lands lies waiting to be discovered, notes Whatsonwhen.

Between July and October, the wildebeest wend their weary way from the Serengeti, where food and water become increasingly sparse, to the Mara to graze.

Safaris are available for the stout of heart to enjoy the action, with fearsome lions and snapping hyenas - possessors of among the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom - all hungry for a bite of the action.

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