2008 News Archive - Holidays - Goa gears up for New Year's rave

11 12 2008

Tourists looking to rediscover the peace and love vibe of the traveller trail may want to head to Goa this New Year, where hippies and hangers-on are gearing up for the biggest party of the year, the rave on New Year's Eve.

One of the original hippy haunts, Goa has gone from strength to strength over the decades and in the 90s music from the area, known as Goa Trance, spread from the its sandy beaches to club dance floors in cities around the world.

WhatsonWhen said: "Several factors contribute to this area's popularity, not least the fact that it doesn't rain between October and March, there's 105km of beautiful beaches and it's very cheap."

According to the website, the annual rave is one of the few remaining from what was once a pumping party scene, which was curtailed by police and government authorities.

While the raves may not be as frequent as they once were, people in Goa still know how to party and the beach bash could be all the more intense because it only happens once every new year.

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