2008 News Archive - Holidays - Goa 'offers more than bongs and bongos'

02 02 2009

Goa has much to offer travellers of all ages, according to one leading travel writer and should no longer be seen as the preserve of the "bong and bongos" brigade - the hippies who made the resort famous.

Peter Kimpton, a travel writer for the Observer, claimed that the Goan beach resort he stayed in "could be paradise" and offered peaceful and luxurious accommodation aimed at those who want a more relaxed holiday experience.

He said that as "the warm Arabian Sea lapped at [his] feet, coconut trees swayed lazily behind and a beautiful white-bellied sea eagle soared high above", he thought he may have found paradise.

Mr Kimpton added: "All-night trance parties are virtually a thing of the past in Goa."

Goa enjoyed a reputation as one of the centres of the 1960s hippy traveller trail but following recent clampdowns and changes in regulation, the Indian resort increasingly caters for an older, more refined class of clientele.

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