2008 News Archive - Holidays - Goa to India for Buddha's birthday

16 05 2007

May is a brilliant time to go to Goa, the most popular destination in India for tourists seeking sun, sand and a taste of the exotic.

Though Buddha's official birthday lands on May 24th, Indians celebrate what they call Buddha Purnima for the entire month.

During this time, Goa's temples are deluged with pilgrims, often hailing from all over the globe.

Goa, always a colourful place, becomes positively infused with the entire spectrum as celebrants dig out their most vibrant costumes for the celebrations.

Some 12 per cent of all foreign tourist arrivals in India head to Goa and it is easy to see why.

Once a Portuguese colony, the area retains many of the graceful colonial buildings from this era.

Furthermore, Goa is known to have some of the best food in India, consisting of a mix of Portugese, Indian and Arabic styles.

And the beaches in Goa are generally viewed as the best in India and some would say the world.

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