2008 News Archive - Holidays - Goa to the carnival

06 12 2007

Visitors to Goa in India will be able to mark the approach of the Lent season in style with the four-day carnival which brings a bit of latin spirit to the east.

Reflecting the mixture of Spanish, Portuguese and Indian influences, the event is a huge mass of colour, music, costume and good old-fashioned fun, allowing visitors the chance to revel in the merrymaking and enjoy a tipple of two with the locals.

The event is annual and takes places in the days leading up to and including Shrove Tuesday, which in 2008 falls on February 5th.

Visitors will, be able to mix this event with a hugely enjoyable cultural and climatic experience, visiting numerous forts, churches and temples as well as revelling in the warm sun and sandy beaches, with the cold, dark and wet days of winter a distant memory.

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