2008 News Archive - Holidays - Grand Granada's great party

12 11 2007

Those looking to spend New Year in Spain may look to Granada to provide some extra excuse to party after the clocks have struck midnight on December 31st.

In this city, New Year's Day is followed by a festival commemorating the Reconquista, when Spain's catholic monarchs recaptured the city from the Moors in 1492.

A mixture of religious procession and civic pride, the event marks the day when the defeated King Boabdil handed over the Alhambra Palace to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel.

Coming in the year Columbus sailed for the new world, this was a seminal period in Spanish history but one which is also celebrated with lots of colour and pageantry, while the Alhambra Palace itself remains intact and hugely impressive in scale.

Those staying in Granada will also be able to enjoy its warmth and fine coastline due to the southerly location, one which offers plenty of respite from the northern European winter.

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