2008 News Archive - Holidays - Greece and France 'to benefit' from "film tourism"

14 07 2008

Countries the world over are seeing increases in the number of tourists travelling to them as a result of so-called "film tourism", it has been claimed.

According to UK-based film tourism marketing agency the Tourism Business, celebrity culture as well as a growth in international travel and the "fascination" of the media with films and actors has resulted in the growth of such tourism.

Martin Evans, spokesperson for the organisation, added his predictions for destinations that would see a surge in visitors as a result of this summer's films.

"This summer, you can expect films like Journey to the Centre of the World, Paris, Mamma Mia, and even Hancock to add to the list," he commented.

Mamma Mia is set on the Greek islands while Paris is set in the romantic French capital.

Reviewing Mamma Mia, the Independent notes: "The film takes the action out of the theatre and on to an idyllic Greek island, where a star-studded cast almost makes up in gusto for what it lacks in singing and dancing ability."

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