2008 News Archive - Holidays - Green tourism becoming "mainstream"

07 04 2008

Eco-friendly or so-called "green" tourism is becoming less of a niche idea and increasingly more mainstream, it has been reported.

According to Frances Tuke, a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), the travel industry has made inroads and eco-friendly travel has now taken off quickly as a concept.

The news comes after a 2007 Lonely Planet survey found that 84 per cent of people would consider offsetting emissions in the future while 31 per cent already claimed to have done so in the past.

"It really has started to take off very quickly and a couple of years ago was a real tipping point. It went from being a niche idea to being a mainstream one," Ms Tuke commented.

She added that while public awareness of green issues and eco-friendly travel is "very high" it is an issue that they do not want to address or be reminded of when they are on holiday.

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