2008 News Archive - Holidays - Half-term holiday boom reported

26 10 2007

A high number of families went through one airport at the weekend as they looked to take their long-awaited holidays in time for half-term, BAA Gatwick has said.

Almost 500,000 people passed through the Gatwick venue during the period of time between Friday 19th and Monday 22nd of October, it stated.

Of these days, Friday saw the highest amount of people with an estimated 115,000 passengers seen overall, while destinations were varied.

Spain was the most popular destination, followed by Portugal, Turkey, and Scotland, the organisation announced. Orlando and Amsterdam also did well.

The airport authorities urged travellers to remember that they must plan ahead for such journeys as only one item of hand luggage allowed through the gates onto aircraft. Additionally, they can take everything with them bought at the airport onto the plane.

Gatwick is the second biggest airport in the UK and saw over 34 million passengers last year.

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